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My involvement with ceramics has been an act that could be compared to spending time in a garden. That incredible sense of satisfaction one feels when their hands have touched soil, where they feel the nourishment of the earth enter their soul - reminds oneself of their place in the world. Both of these acts, pottery and gardening, bear time-honored traditions, which bring us closer to our humanity. read more...

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My goal is to create music for the eyes, where one can look one hundred times and see something different each time. These paintings, when viewed from a distance, give a very different sensation than when the depths, textures and subtle rhythms can be perceived from bringing oneself close to the canvas’ surface. read more...

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Imagine a line with infinite possibilities. I do. A line is not necessarily straight and true, but in my world has thickness, dimension and movement. When I work on a line, it becomes an object that has tone and the possibility of floating free in space. My mind wanders from the works of the surrealist painters to the forms found in nature created by the forces of the solar system. read more...

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