Imagine a line with infinite possibilities. I do. A line is not necessarily straight and true, but in my world has thickness, dimension and movement. When I work on a line, it becomes an object that has tone and the possibility of floating free in space. My mind wanders from the works of the surrealist painters to the forms found in nature created by the forces of the solar system.

As I draw with graphite, I build upon the concepts and knowledge of how I view the balance of life and natural rhythms within the context of the visual world. The natural world is a constantly evolving place with mysterious formations. As we view these images in relation to their immediate environment, the slightest change of angle gives us a different picture altogether. I hope to capture this sense of multi-layered depth within the context of my two dimensional graphite drawings.

Drawing with graphite is a spontaneous act in which I react to previous marks with the intention to create physics-type dynamics. The push and pull of weights and cords and how they react with other objects, as well as how they cast shadows, are all part of the intimate connection with these “lines” as I continue to invent my pieces. Although not planned when I begin, there is constant readjustment and reevaluation as the process continues.

I work with the elements of art and the principles of design as I continue to process the work. My eraser becomes another drawing tool – both for allowing the creation of spaces and opening new pathways for the elements to add as I alter the composition until the moment when it is completely finished.