My goal is to create music for the eyes, where one can look one hundred times and see something different each time. These paintings, when viewed from a distance, give a very different sensation than when the depths, textures and subtle rhythms can be perceived from bringing oneself close to the canvas’ surface.

The primary emphasis of my work is the contemporary expression of modern forms and figures using color contrast schemes first pioneered by the impressionist masters. My images are saturated intaglio oil paintings that physically reflect the play of light and shadow, as well as the shared energies of objects in motion. My deep emotional encounter with the interactions between these forms is what makes each piece fluid and vibrant.

Color is the moving force behind my compositions. The manipulation of intense rich pigmentation reflects the artificial environment I encounter in the world of art and design juxtaposed against the natural environment of forests and fields with its seemingly random order to life that flows with the elements of wind and water.

Color, movement, and the playful interaction of light are the beauties that I wish to share with others. In this vision, color is almost a reflection, its importance going way beyond that of shadow. I magnify the intensity of hue as I imagine what life would look like in a world without filters, where the air has no particles to distort our view or alter true colors.